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Communication PIP (September, 24th of 2021)

As we informed you in our last communication, following the latest judgement of the Paris Court of Appeal, favourable to the victims, we have decided to reactivate the legal proceedings involving their claim, before the Toulon courts.

The next hearing is scheduled for 6 October, but it is purely procedural in nature and will probably be postponed.

The reason is that we have been informed that the judgment of the Paris Court of Appeal has been appealed again to the Court of Cassation by both parties:

– TÜV has appealed in order to try once again to defend its lack of responsibility, a responsibility that is becoming more and more established.

– the victims affected by these proceedings have appealed to try to remove or extend the time limit decided by the Paris Court of Appeal, which finds TÜV guilty but only for prostheses implanted between 1/09/2006 and 06/04/2010, which would leave many carriers with no right to claim.

While this procedure is still progressing, we are proceeding to review all the documents in the files, in order to separate the cases between these dates from the others, which would have to wait for the Court of Cassation to rule on these issues.

We may contact you in the near future to request additional documentation, and we will keep you informed as soon as there are new developments.

Yours sincerely,

The BCVLex team


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