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On September 15th 2016 an accident occurred in Bali (Indonesia) when there was an explosion in a boat transporting 35 tourist from diverse nationalities: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Austrian, German, Irish, Swiss and Holland, along with four Indonesian members of the crew. The calamity took place while heading to the Gili Trawangan Island for an excursion.

A Spanish passenger died, and twenty other people were injured.

The main cause seems to be the accidental explosion of the engine of the ship, fact that compromises the liability of the transporter in terms of the compensation for the caused damages, and also excludes the possibility of a terrorist attack.

BCV LEX specializes in the defense of victims of great catastrophes and collective transportation accidents, being a member of various international groups of lawyers with presence in diverse countries and with the capacity of performing in affairs with international components that require an expertise knowledge on the subject.