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Consumers and user protection

BCV Lex pays great attention to consumers and user defence, having faced very different cases and also acted against very varied entities, always with the aim of achieving the best possible reparation for its clients.

Thus, we deal with matters related to certain abusive clauses (insurance contracts or others), fraud committed through online commerce, harm caused by environmental damage, negligence related to the field of public health and medical negligence (delays or diagnosis and treatment errors, inadequate prescription of medication, medical actions contrary to professional ethics and scientifically established protocols, etc.).

This type of event usually cause damages of varying severity (physical, psychological and / or material) that those responsible and their insurers do not usually recognize and voluntarily indemnify. For this reason, a thorough technical analysis and legal strategy are always required in the field of private, national and international law.

Do you think that you have been victim of an abusive clause or of commercial fraud? Have you suffered the consequences of an environmental disaster or medical negligence? Contact us and we will study your case for free and with no obligation.

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