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Marco Bona

Marco Bona

International Partner Italy

Area of Expertise
Civil Liability for damages, Cross-Border Accidents, and European Consumer Protection.
Special guest of The Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament at the European Commission Meeting on “The Statute of Limitations on cross-border conflicts involving injuries and fatal accidents” (30/05/2006), and at the European Commission Meeting in a public hearing on “Traffic Accidents” (19/03/2007).
Private Comparative Law Doctorate from the University of Trento, and the University of Turin Law School.

Current occupation
Co-Founder and Senior Partner at MB.O Law Firm (Studio Legale Bona.Olivia&Associati).
Worldwide known author, with over 150 publications in Italy on Civil Liability (damage compensation, traffic accidents, medical negligence, collective action), Comparative Law, European Law, and Labor Law.

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