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International inheritances

International inheritances

BCV Lex has a team of lawyers dedicated to processing inheritances with international components, such as managing inheritances with non-resident heirs, assets located abroad, etc.

We can help you in the management and full resolution of any type of inheritance:

Testate succession: In cases in which the deceased has left a will, you should know your rights; for example, if the legitimate proportion established by Spanish law has been respected, that is the part of the inheritance that the testator cannot freely dispose of, as it is legally reserved for certain relatives.

Intestate succession: In cases in which the deceased did not leave a will, it is necessary to start a process before a Notary Public, in which the lawyer can assist with:


    • The declaration of heirs
    • The acceptance or renunciation of the inheritance.

These processes require compilation of the necessary documentation and the advice of appropriate specialists.

Legal division of the inheritance: The people called to an inheritance often do not agree on how to divide it.

In these cases, it is vitally important to receive adequate advice that will allow the parties to reach a convenient agreement, or to exercise your rights through a legal procedure. We can represent you in all of these phases.

Subsequent inheritance management: We can provide you with a complete management service of the inheritance obtained through succession (donation, sale of goods, etc.). Check our Real Estate Law section.

BCV Lex specializes in solving all difficulties derived from any type of inheritance, such as: Obtaining a national identity number (NIE) when a non-resident intervenes, coordinating powers of attorney, filing taxes, updating ownership in the Property Registry, etc.

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