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Mediation and arbitration

Mediation and arbitration
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BCV Lex Abogados provides a personalized solution for national and international mediation and arbitration:


Mediation provides a personalised solution through a short, simple and flexible process in which the parties decide on their dispute and how to resolve it, with the help of a professional mediator and the possibility of advice from their lawyers.

All this is done in a space for dialogue, with equal opportunities for the parties and under the confidentiality that the law requires, in which the mediator, their experience and technical preparation will help them to find solutions that the parties would probably never achieve on their own.

Mediation can be applied to all types of conflicts, such as:

  • Financial disputes and non-payment
  • Conflicts arising from contracts
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Marriage or partnership dissolution and family relations
  • Business and labour disputes
  • Conflicts in Homeowners Associations
  • Complaints
  • Trade disputes

BCV Lex has two mediators trained by the Madrid Bar Association, who will help you to reduce the emotional, financial and time costs of your problem in the face of legal action:


BCV Lex also has lawyers who are experts in arbitration, in case the parties to a dispute choose this alternative route to court.

This resolution method has several advantages over the legal process, such as saving time that translates into a quicker resolution of the conflict and savings on some of the costs involved in the legal process.

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