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Stephan Eriksson

Stephan Eriksson

International Partner Sweden


Areas of Expertise
Civil Liability and Aviation Law.
His experience in legal proceedings and negotiations include the latest and greatest plane crashes, such as the Air France Concorde (Flight AF 4590n. 2000), Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK 686 in 2001, DHL/Bashkirian Airlines in 2002, and Flash Air Flight 604. He represented families affected by Helios Airways Flight 522 in 2005 and Kenya Airways Flight 507 in 2007 plane crashes, as well as Air France Flight AF 447 in 2009. He also represented families affected by Air India Express Flight IX 812 plane crash in 2010. He is also representing affected families by Bhoja Air Flight 2013 in 2012.

Current Occupation
Having previous legal experience in The United States, he has been a partner at Liman & Partners since 2007, a law firm based in Stockholm (Sweden), specializing in representing plane crash victims against airlines, manufacturers and insurance companies, as well as Intellectual Property Right, Property Law, Civil Liability for damages, Insurance Law, etc.