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Victims of earthquakes caused by the Castor Platform

We claim compensation for damages to residents affected by earthquakes caused by the Castor Project.

Residents of the affected areas have the right to receive compensation from the contracted company and insurance company.

[one-half-first]If you have suffered from any of the following:

  • Psychophysical Damages
  • Moral Damages (tension, distress, fear, etc.)
  • Broken Items or Cracks in Buildings, etc.
  • Loss of Income, etc.



You can join a class action lawsuit.

You will be represented by a team of legal experts in this complex area, ready to sue, without having to put any money up front. Fees upon winning the case: we will get paid only if you win the case: no risk to the victims.

Statute of Limitations Deadline: September 2014

Contact us immediately to be included in the class action lawsuit and obtain compensation.

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