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Are you looking for a law firm specializing in international mediation and arbitration?

Mediation provides a personalised solution through a short, simple and flexible process in which the parties decide on their dispute and how to resolve it, with the help of a professional mediator and the possibility of advice from their lawyers.

All this is done in a space for dialogue, with equal opportunities for the parties and under the confidentiality that the law requires, in which the mediator, their experience and technical preparation will help them to find solutions that the parties would probably never achieve on their own.

International Mediation & Arbitration lawyers



We are closer than you imagine: we have main offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. It is now much easier to meet your interests and needs in person.



We have been providing customized solutions for more than 30 years in more than 15 areas of law that today are part of our most demanded services.



We develop our functions under strict values, among which ethics, commitment, and transparency stand out; always ready to handle your case successfully.

Legal advice: International Mediation & Arbitration lawyers

BCV Lex has two mediators trained by the Madrid Bar Association, who will help you to reduce the emotional, financial and time costs of your problem in the face of legal action. Mediation can be applied to all types of conflicts, such as:

  • Financial disputes and non-payment.
  • Conflicts arising from contracts.
  • Inheritance disputes.
  • Marriage or partnership dissolution and family relations.
  • Business and labour disputes.
  • Conflicts in Homeowners Associations.
  • Complaints.
  • Trade disputes.

BCVLex also has lawyers who are experts in arbitration, in case the parties to a dispute choose this alternative route to court.

This resolution method has several advantages over the legal process, such as saving time that translates into a quicker resolution of the conflict and savings on some of the costs involved in the legal process.

  • We provide advice in 15 legal areas of practice.
  • We are part of the Global Justice Network.
  • We work with international lawyers in more than 35 countries.
  • Accredited by the Consulate General of Spain in Bordeaux.
  • Accredited by the Consulate General of France in Madrid
  • We offer personalized attention in French, Spanish, and English.
  • Our firm is made up of native lawyers from France and Spain.
  • We have main offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. We are close to you!

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    sabine Libessart De Clerck
    sabine Libessart De Clerck
    Nous avons travaillé avec ce cabinet d’avocat en Sept/Octobre 2022 pour nous accompagner dans la procédure d’achat d’un bien immobilier à MADRID. Ils ont été à l’écoute de nos besoins, très réactifs et trés efficaces dans les démarches de vérification légales et de conseils juridiques. Le tout avec des honoraires raisonnables. Nous recommandons vivement .
    Julie Wisner
    Julie Wisner
    Great firm to work with!
    Roger Paddeu
    Roger Paddeu
    Cabinet très performant très à l'écoute la compétence est au rdv.
    Gérard MAZOYER
    Gérard MAZOYER
    Notre voiture ayant été enlevée par la fourrière malgré le paiement du stationnement à Barcelone, j'avais effectué une réclamation au service compétent de la mairie de la ville. Ayant eu connaissance du cabinet BCV Lex, je leur ai fait parvenir copie de ma réclamation. Le cabinet de Madrid m'a donc fait parvenir une correction de la rédaction de ma lettre dans la présentation des faits mais aussi en incluant des éléments juridiques qui ont été pris en considération dans la décision du service de réclamation des amendes de Barcelone. Je suis d'autant reconnaissant à BCV Lex que mon cas n'était pas d'une importance ni d'une gravité qui puissent inviter à pousser la porte d'un avocat. Malgré cela M. Bellecave et Mme Abellan Solesio ont eu l'amabilité de me conseiller et de me donner une leçon d'espagnol en plus! Ayant appris que BCV Lex travaillait pour le consulat français en Espagne je ne peux qu'encourager tout visiteur à les contacter en cas de problème.
    Liam Moloney
    Liam Moloney
    I have worked with BCV Lex for many years and they are always very helpful with Prompt advice . They fight hard for their clients .
    Muy satisfecha con el servicio prestado por los abogados del despacho. Profesionalidad y cercanía. Muchas gracias!
    Grandes profesionales expertos en internacional. Atención personalizada y trato muy cercano.
    Alicia Hernandez
    Alicia Hernandez
    Excelentes abogados. Este despacho me llevó un caso internacional, la reclamación con una empresa de alquiler de coches en Marruecos y lo manejaron de manera rápida, eficiente y con un trato cercano al cliente que agradecí mucho. Gracias por la solución favorable, siempre los recomendaré.

    BCVLex: Lawyers for International Mediation and Arbitration


    Lawyers specializing in international mediation and arbitration are highly trained professionals who play a key role in resolving legal disputes globally. Their in-depth knowledge of international law and their experience in mediation and arbitration processes make them impartial mediators and experts in finding equitable solutions.

    These lawyers are experts in facilitating communication and constructive dialogue between conflicting parties from different countries and cultures. Their ability to understand and respect the legal norms and traditions of multiple jurisdictions enables them to find fair and appropriate solutions for all parties involved.

    In the field of international mediation, these lawyers act as neutral intermediaries, helping the parties reach agreements and resolve disputes amicably and out of court. They use negotiation and facilitation techniques to encourage constructive dialogue and reach mutually acceptable solutions.

    In the case of international arbitration, lawyers play the role of arbitrators or legal representatives of the parties involved. They act as private judges who make binding decisions based on the evidence and arguments presented during the process. His impartiality, legal knowledge, and analytical skills are critical to ensuring fairness and fairness in arbitration.

    The work of these lawyers is not limited only to conflict resolution, but also covers the prevention of disputes through the drafting of conflict resolution clauses in international contracts. His expert legal advice on international law and his understanding of dispute resolution mechanisms help prevent conflicts and protect the interests of his clients.

    In short, lawyers specialized in international mediation and arbitration play a crucial role in resolving cross-border legal disputes. Their experience and skills allow them to facilitate constructive dialogue, find equitable solutions and protect the interests of their clients in an increasingly interconnected global environment.

    International Mediation and Arbitration

    Mediation and arbitration are two alternative dispute resolution methods that offer an alternative to traditional court proceedings.

    Mediation is a process in which a neutral and impartial third party, known as a mediator, facilitates communication and dialogue between the parties in conflict. The mediator helps the parties to identify and explore their underlying interests, clear up misunderstandings, and generate solution options. Through mediation, the parties have the opportunity to work together to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation is a voluntary and non-binding process, which means that the parties are free to accept or reject any proposed solution.

    On the other hand, arbitration is a more formal process in which the parties submit their dispute to one or more arbitrators, who act as private judges. Arbitration may be binding or non-binding, depending on the prior decisions of the parties. During arbitration, the parties present their arguments and evidence, and the arbitrators make a final, binding decision called an “arbitral award.” Unlike mediation, in arbitration, the arbitrator’s decision is usually binding and can be enforced as a court decision.

    Both mediation and arbitration offer several advantages compared to court proceedings. These methods are often faster, more confidential, and more flexible, and allow the parties more control over the process and outcome. Additionally, as out-of-court processes, they can help preserve relationships between the parties and avoid the costs and complexity associated with traditional litigation.

    Functions of an expert lawyer in international mediation and arbitration

    A skilled mediation and arbitration attorney performs several key roles in the dispute resolution process using these alternative methods.

    Some of the functions of a lawyer in international mediation and arbitration include:

    • Legal Advice: The mediation and arbitration attorney provides legal advice to clients about the options available to resolve their disputes and the benefits and drawbacks of mediation and arbitration compared to other legal methods. Helps clients understand their rights and responsibilities, as well as the legal implications of decisions they may make during the mediation or arbitration process.
    • Legal representation: The lawyer acts as the legal representative of his client during the mediation or arbitration process. This involves preparing arguments and presenting evidence on behalf of the client, participating in negotiations, and advocating for your client’s interests in seeking a fair and equitable resolution.
    • Case preparation: Before starting the mediation or arbitration process, the attorney who is an expert in these areas conducts a thorough investigation of the case, gathers relevant evidence, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of his client’s position, and prepares strategies for the case. process. This involves reviewing contracts, legal documents, and relevant background information, and interviewing witnesses and experts.
    • Facilitation and mediation: In the case of mediation, the lawyer acts as an impartial facilitator, helping the parties in conflict to communicate and reach a mutually acceptable agreement. The lawyer uses negotiation, facilitation and conflict resolution techniques to foster dialogue and find solutions that meet the needs and interests of all parties involved.
    • Arbitration and decision making: In arbitration, the lawyer can act as an arbitrator or legal representative of one of the parties. If you are acting as an arbitrator, your role is to make impartial and fair decisions based on the evidence and arguments presented during the process. If you act as a legal representative, you defend the interests of your client and present arguments and evidence in search of a favorable decision.
    • Negotiation of agreements: In both cases, the expert lawyer in mediation and arbitration plays a fundamental role in the negotiation of agreements. He uses his legal knowledge and conflict resolution experience to help parties find solutions that are beneficial and mutually acceptable. The lawyer can draft the agreements reached and make sure they meet the legal requirements and are enforceable.

    Cases in which an expert lawyer in international mediation and arbitration is necessary

    An expert lawyer in international mediation and arbitration is especially useful in a wide range of cases and situations involving cross-border conflicts.

    Some examples of cases in which a lawyer specializing in international mediation and arbitration can provide advice and representation include:

    • International Business Disputes: Lawyers can help businesses facing business disputes with international business partners, whether it be breach of contract, difference in interpretation of contract clauses, or disputes involving international transactions.
    • Investor-State disputes: In the field of foreign investment, lawyers can advise and represent foreign investors facing disputes with foreign governments over violations of international investment protection treaties.
    • International Labor Disputes: In cases of labor disputes involving employees or migrant workers in cross-border situations, an expert lawyer in international mediation and arbitration can help find fair and just solutions.
    • International Intellectual Property Litigation: In cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks or copyrights, a specialized lawyer can advise on international dispute resolution options and represent the parties in dispute.
    • International insurance disputes: When disputes arise between insurers and policyholders internationally, an experienced mediation and arbitration lawyer can help resolve disagreements and ensure compliance with contractual obligations.
    • International family disputes: In cases of divorce or separation between couples of different nationalities, a lawyer specialized in international mediation and arbitration can provide advice on complex legal issues related to child custody, property division and other issues.< /li>

    These are just a few examples of the cases in which an expert lawyer in international mediation and arbitration can be very useful. In general, any legal dispute that involves parties from different countries and that requires an effective and fair resolution can benefit from the experience and knowledge of these professionals.