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Our trilingual team of experts always offers an independent version of the facts, seeking the corresponding liabilities with the help of a thorough and painstaking technical analysis and legal strategy, which often involves acting in foreign jurisdictions.

Likewise, we intervene in resolving international inheritances or transnational litigation, international real estate procedures, and transnational criminal proceedings.

We also have several specialized professionals in mediation and arbitration.

International character

The transnational character of BCVLex allows us to intervene in all kinds of Spanish-French matters with great fluidity and closeness to our clients, also appearing as an accredited firm in the list of lawyers offered publicly by the Consulate General of Spain in Bordeaux and the Consulate General of France in Madrid.

Likewise, BCVLex belongs to various international networks of expert lawyers in these matters: PEOPIL (Pan European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers), APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers), AAJ (American Association for Justice).

If you need a law firm specializing in international law, we invite you to consult our services and contact us. We will study your case for free and without obligation.

Customer reviews

sabine Libessart De Clerck
sabine Libessart De Clerck
Nous avons travaillé avec ce cabinet d’avocat en Sept/Octobre 2022 pour nous accompagner dans la procédure d’achat d’un bien immobilier à MADRID. Ils ont été à l’écoute de nos besoins, très réactifs et trés efficaces dans les démarches de vérification légales et de conseils juridiques. Le tout avec des honoraires raisonnables. Nous recommandons vivement .
Julie Wisner
Julie Wisner
Great firm to work with!
Roger Paddeu
Roger Paddeu
Cabinet très performant très à l'écoute la compétence est au rdv.
Notre voiture ayant été enlevée par la fourrière malgré le paiement du stationnement à Barcelone, j'avais effectué une réclamation au service compétent de la mairie de la ville. Ayant eu connaissance du cabinet BCV Lex, je leur ai fait parvenir copie de ma réclamation. Le cabinet de Madrid m'a donc fait parvenir une correction de la rédaction de ma lettre dans la présentation des faits mais aussi en incluant des éléments juridiques qui ont été pris en considération dans la décision du service de réclamation des amendes de Barcelone. Je suis d'autant reconnaissant à BCV Lex que mon cas n'était pas d'une importance ni d'une gravité qui puissent inviter à pousser la porte d'un avocat. Malgré cela M. Bellecave et Mme Abellan Solesio ont eu l'amabilité de me conseiller et de me donner une leçon d'espagnol en plus! Ayant appris que BCV Lex travaillait pour le consulat français en Espagne je ne peux qu'encourager tout visiteur à les contacter en cas de problème.
Liam Moloney
Liam Moloney
I have worked with BCV Lex for many years and they are always very helpful with Prompt advice . They fight hard for their clients .
Muy satisfecha con el servicio prestado por los abogados del despacho. Profesionalidad y cercanía. Muchas gracias!
Grandes profesionales expertos en internacional. Atención personalizada y trato muy cercano.
Alicia Hernandez
Alicia Hernandez
Excelentes abogados. Este despacho me llevó un caso internacional, la reclamación con una empresa de alquiler de coches en Marruecos y lo manejaron de manera rápida, eficiente y con un trato cercano al cliente que agradecí mucho. Gracias por la solución favorable, siempre los recomendaré.

BCVLex: French law firm in Spain

The French law firm in Spain is an increasingly relevant phenomenon in the legal field, which arises in response to the growing need for specialized legal advice for citizens and companies with cross-border interests between France and Spain. This type of law firm, made up of French lawyers operating in Spanish territory, plays a fundamental role in resolving legal issues that involve both jurisdictions.

The presence of a French law firm in Spain offers its clients in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations of both countries, which facilitates the navigation of complex legal issues, such as international contracts, cross-border inheritances and successions, commercial litigation, among others. others. In addition, these firms usually have bilingual or multilingual professionals, which facilitates communication and understanding of the legal needs of French- and Spanish-speaking clients.

In this context, the French law firm in Spain becomes a strategic ally for those who want to ensure that their legal interests are effectively protected on both sides of the border. Throughout this article, we will explore in greater detail the benefits and services these firms offer, as well as the areas of law in which they excel.

French lawyers in Spain, law specialists

French lawyers in Spain like BCVLex who specialize in law offer a wide range of legal services for clients who require advice and representation on matters involving the laws of both countries. These lawyers are experts in specific areas of law and provide solutions to complex legal problems affecting individuals and companies with interests in France and Spain. Below are some of the most common areas of specialization:

International Trade Law

French lawyers in Spain can advise companies operating in both countries on matters related to commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, company law, competition and cross-border commercial litigation.

International Tax Law

They help clients understand and comply with tax obligations in both countries, optimizing the tax structure of their investments and cross-border business operations.

International Family Law

They deal with matters such as divorces, child custody, and distribution of assets in cases of couples or families who have ties in both France and Spain.

International Real Estate Law

They advise on the purchase, sale and lease of properties in both countries, helping clients navigate legal and administrative differences in the real estate transaction.

Inheritance Law and International inheritances

They handle cross-border inheritance matters, ensuring that wills and inheritances are managed in accordance with the applicable law in each case.

International Labor Law

They help individuals and companies understand and comply with labor regulations in both countries in cases of expatriate employees or companies operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Immigration and Nationality Law

They offer legal advice to French citizens who wish to reside or work in Spain, as well as Spaniards seeking to establish themselves in France.

International Criminal Law

They defend the rights of French citizens who face legal or criminal problems in Spain and vice versa.

French lawyers in Spain, specialists in law, play a crucial role in providing high-quality legal advice and representation in a variety of areas, ensuring that clients are protected and comply with the laws in both countries. Their expertise in the law and culture of both nations makes them a valuable resource for those with cross-border legal interests.

Characteristics of a French law firm in Spain

A French law firm in Spain has specific characteristics that distinguish it from other legal firms. These features reflect its focus on providing specialized legal services for clients with interests in both countries. Some of the key characteristics of a French law firm in Spain are the following:

  • Experts in French and Spanish Law: The lawyers in these offices are experts in the laws and regulations of both countries, which allows them to provide complete and accurate advice to their clients.
  • Bilingualism and Multilingualism: Lawyers are often bilingual or multilingual, which facilitates effective communication with French- and Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Cultural Knowledge: They have a deep understanding of the cultural and business differences between France and Spain, allowing them to effectively address cross-border legal issues.
  • Network of Contacts: They usually have a wide network of legal and commercial contacts in both countries, which facilitates problem solving and collaboration with other professionals.
  • Personalized Advice: They offer a personalized approach for each client, adapting their services to the specific needs and circumstances of each case.
  • Specialization in Areas of Law: They usually have specialists in specific areas of law, such as international commercial law, international tax law, international family law, among others.
  • Cross-Border Conflict Resolution: They are skilled in resolving litigation and legal conflicts involving clients with interests in both countries.
  • Transparent Communication: They maintain transparent communication with their clients, clearly explaining the legal options available and possible results.
  • Offices in both countries: Some firms may have offices in France and Spain, which facilitates access to legal services in both locations.
  • Constant Legal Update: They stay abreast of changes in legislation and regulations in both countries to provide up-to-date legal advice.
  • Professional Ethics: They follow strict ethical and professional standards to guarantee integrity in the provision of legal services.
  • Focus on International Clients: They are accustomed to working with an international clientele and understand the needs and concerns of clients who have cross-border legal matters.

A French law firm in Spain is characterized by its specialization in the law of both countries, its focus on resolving legal problems involving both jurisdictions and its ability to provide personalized and effective legal services to clients with interests in France and Spain.