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International Lawyer Services

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Airplane accidents

Legal proceedings related to air accidents.

Tourist accidents

Specialized in defense of victims of tourist accidents.

International inheritance

Full management and resolution of any type of inheritance.

Professional legal assistance

Legal assistance to Notaries, Genealogists, Lawyers and Professionals.

People transport

Victims of land, maritime, or railway accidents.

Pecuniary liability

Expert lawyers in Pecuniary Liability of the Administration law.

abogado productos defectuosos

Product liability

Medical devices, drugs,  industrial products, …

Abogado protección al consumidor

Consumers protection

Protection and defense of consumers and users.

abogado litigios internacionales

International litigation

Management of transnational disputes between Spain and France.

abogado inmobiliario y de la construccion

International real estate

Advice and representation to residents and non-residents.

abogados transporte de mercancias

Transport & customs

Specialists in international transport and customs law.

Abogado derecho penal

International criminal law

Criminal matters or disputes between Spain and France.

Abogado mediación y arbitraje

Mediation & arbitration

Specialists in national and international mediation and arbitration.

abogado golden visa

Golden visa

Specialized in Spanish investment visa processing.

International family law

Specialized in international divorces.

International Legal Services

International legal services are services provided by law firms or legal professionals who specialize in cross-border legal matters and issues involving parties from different countries. These services are often needed by multinational companies, international organizations and individuals who have business activities or legal relationships in different countries.

International legal services may include:

Advice on international law:

international law attorneys provide legal advice on international laws and regulations applicable to cross-border business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, international contracts, international tax matters, and other areas.

International Dispute Resolution:

International litigation lawyers help clients resolve cross-border commercial disputes, disputes between governments, and intellectual property issues, using international dispute resolution mechanisms such as international arbitration.

International regulatory compliance:

International regulatory compliance lawyers help clients comply with applicable regulations and laws in different countries.

International criminal law:

international criminal lawyers represent clients accused of serious international crimes such as genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorism, and corruption-related crimes.

International legal services may also include advisory services on matters such as international trade agreements, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights and international transactions.

International Lawyers

International lawyers are legal professionals who provide legal services to clients with cross-border legal issues. These attorneys often specialize in international law, international trade law, corporate law, international tax law, immigration law, international criminal law, intellectual property law, and other areas of law. .

International lawyers can work in multinational law firms or in law firms specializing in international law. They may represent clients such as multinational corporations, international organizations, governments, NGOs, and individuals with cross-border legal issues.

Duties of international lawyers may include:

  • Advise clients on international laws and regulations applicable to their business or legal activities.
  • Provide advice on international dispute resolution mechanisms, such as international arbitration and mediation.
  • Negotiate and draft international contracts for clients.
  • Representing clients in cross-border business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and international litigation.
  • Representing clients before international tribunals, such as the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court.
  • International lawyers should have a thorough knowledge of international law and the legal systems of different countries. They must also be able to communicate effectively with clients and parties involved in cross-border legal issues.