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Accidents and injuries to tourists and travelers in foreign countries

Have you suffered injury while traveling in Spain?

  • Have you sustained pecuniary or non-pecuniary loss while traveling in a foreign country?
  • Did an accident ruin your holiday?
  • Have injuries suffered on a business trip jeopardized your journey?
  • Are you having trouble with hospital bills, medical insurance, or travel insurance?
  • Are you a Spanish citizen in need of a good lawyer outside Spain?

If you have answered yes to any of the preceding questions, let’s talk now to see whether you have a viable claim.

Contact us and ask for a free evaluation

Permanent communication keeps us close to our clients.

We know only too well the difficulties victims face when bringing a claim in court in a foreign country. That is why we place a premium on providing thorough, ongoing, and precise information to each of our clients about their cases while at the same time overseeing the optimum strategy. Effective, open, and plain-language communication is our watchword.

You can read more about our implication in this area of practice in our blog, articles like an analysis to the Mapfre-Williams decision.

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