2016 Global Justice Network Spring Conference

GLOBAL JUSTICE NETWORKGlobal Justice Network’s recently held its 2016 Spring Conference in Madrid.

More than thirty members of different countries attended to the meetings. The “Círculo de Bellas Artes” building, in the heart of Madrid, was the most appropriate venue for so many passionate discussions and brainstorms.

A wide range of conferences and keynotes presented by either network members or special guests brought for the occasion took place on Friday and Saturday. Personal injury, product liability, collective accidents, human rights, terrorism.

The Volkswagen fraud and its aftermath in both the United States and Europe occupied a large part of the time. Global Justice Network is committed to this case, among others.

There was also some time for leisure activities, which included a cocktail reception in the terrace of a famous hotel with astonishing city views, and a flamenco show on Friday, which made the evening enjoyable for the attendees.

See you all in Rio de Janeiro in October!


Global Justice Network