Parasailing accident

€25,000 compensation for a parasailing accident

You have been the victim of a parasailing accident and want to claim compensation? This news interests you! Once again, the team of BCVLex is proud to announce that we have obtained a €25,000 compensation out of court for one of our clients.

Parasailing Accident: The Facts

During the holidays there are times to be relaxed and times when our body needs a bit of adrenaline. One of the ways to channel that need for action can be the performance of sports activities of lesser or greater risk.

Normally, in the development of these practices, accidents do not have to occur, but this was not the case with our client.

Unfortunately, while he was practicing parasailing, the rope that attached him to the boat broke and caused him to fall more than 5 meters high. As a result of this accident, our client suffered serious injuries that required surgical interventions for healing.

Parasailing Accident: What Are My Rights?

After the stabilization of the injuries, they were immediately assessed in accordance with the Traffic Accident Scale, applicable to all types of injuries, and a firm burofax was sent to the operating company of the sports activity and its insurer.

A good drafting of the claim prior to legal action can prevent the need to go to court, which saves time and, above all, costs for our clients.

Parasailing accident: the possibility of an out-of-court settlement

In this case, it has not been necessary to go to court, because after sending the burofax drawn up by our experienced lawyers, the insurance contacted us immediately to negotiate.

After a tough negotiation, in which we always look after the interests of our clients, BCVLex reached a satisfactory agreement worth €25,000, thus avoiding going to court and receiving our client compensation in a very short period of time.

Over the years, BCVLex has specialized in defending accident victims. If you have suffered an accident during leisure or vacation time, do not hesitate to contact our firm. We analyze your case for free.