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In-flight burn compensation

In-flight burn compensation, serving tea

You have suffered an in-flight burn, and want to request compensation? The BCVLex team informs you.

The most innocuous gestures can sometimes have serious consequences. Luckily, with a good accompaniment, it is sometimes possible to obtain justice, even in these types of situations.

In-flight burn compensation: The Facts

BCVLex has obtained compensation of €3,250 from a well-known low-cost airline, for a client to whom one of the company’s stewardesses, in mid-flight, poured boiling tea down his back.

Our client suffered first and second degree burns, having to be treated at a hospital in the place of destination. They left a visible scar along his entire back.

Unfortunately, this event ruined the vacations of our client, who was traveling to the Canary Islands to enjoy a few days off.

In-flight burn compensation: What Are My Rights?

To assist our client, we carried out an assessment of his injuries in accordance with the Traffic Accident Scale, adding a claim for moral damages for loss of vacations.

The Montreal Convention establishes that the carrier, the airline, is responsible for the damage caused in the event of an accident to a passenger during the flight, embarkation or disembarkation. Even in the case of an in-flight burn.

In-flight burn compensation: How to face of the silence of the responsible?

In the absence of a response from the low cost airline to our extrajudicial requests, we filed the lawsuit before the commercial courts.

After the Court fixed a date for trial, the low cost airline finally decided to submit a compensation offer and, after arduous negotiation, the sum of €3,250 was obtained for our client; sum that he was able to collect quickly.

Over the years, BCVLex has specialized in defending victims of accidents of all kinds. If you have suffered an accident in flight, or in any other place, do not hesitate to contact our firm. We analyze your case for free.