Metrojet A321 Sinai Tragedy

As days pass, families of deceased passengers of the Metrojet accident, the worst air catastrophe to hit Russian civil aviation, are still unable to fathom their devastating loss. Even worse, they have to endure the continuous bombardment from mass media and the growing speculation in relation to the causes of the accident.

Important and crucial facts, determining the course this case can take, will continue to arise during the following weeks and will hopefully clarify the situation and allow the bereaved families to consider the various options available to them as far as their rights are concerned. If a technical failure is ascertained, this will lead to a different legal path, against manufacturers and maintenance companies, while a terrorist act as the ultimate cause of the tragedy, will require a drastically different legal strategy one to incorporate possible actions against Metrojet, airport operators or other entities responsible for taking measures against terrorist threats.

Relying on our vast experience and international expertise in successfully representing victims in many aviation catastrophes, we strongly advise the bereaved families to avoid taking decisions as to legal representation and course of action in general, at such an early stage. There is no reason whatsoever for them, neither legal nor factual, to rush to take decisions and make commitments for this serious matter. On the contrary, premature actions may severely prejudice their rights.

Our team of highly specialized internationally active aviation lawyers, certified technical experts and aviation-related professionals, are closely monitoring all developments.

Pavlakis-Moschos & Associates are in this case working in collaboration with the aviation expert law firm BCV Lex, with offices in Bordeaux, France, in the AIRBUS’ Toulouse production area, and in Spain.

We shall be honored to answer any question or call from interested persons, related to the Metrojet crash, without any obligation from their side. Contact persons:

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