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International Network

International Network

We are global lawyers; we defend the victims of accidents that have occurred anywhere in the world, undertaking proceedings in the most suitable jurisdiction. To accomplish our mission, we work together with the following international networks:

Global Justice Network

Global Justice Network (GJN)

Global Justice Network is an international group of lawyers who cooperate in the defense of victims of disasters all over the world. The network encompasses more than 200 lawyers in 35 countries on all continents who have been working together to promote justice since 2005.

When a major accident occurs, victims from different countries are frequently affected. Our experts are active everywhere in the world.

Our clients speak different languages, besides English, as we do as well. The members of the Global Justice Network are permanently connected and are able to share information instantly.

Each client is supported by the network’s lawyers, and more specifically, by experience and expertise that fit each individual case.


More information: Global Justice Network

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Legal Abroad (LA)

Legal Abroad is an online platform through which law firms from four countries, Spain, France, Greece, and Italy, offer specialized legal services to personal injury professionals who need support in any of these jurisdictions. It stands ready to assist in obtaining documents (police traffic accident reports, hospital reports, judicial decrees, etc.), provides detailed information about local personal injury systems, and helps assess damages in line with the systems and practices in each country, etc.

Legal Abroad sponsors topical legal events in our sector, such as lectures at the British Institute of International Comparative Law in London and conferences in our sector of law organized by Peopil, another network of which BCV Lex is also a member.

Legal Abroad is a scalable project and is looking to include law firms from other jurisdictions in the near future.

More information: Legal Abroad

PEOPIL Pan European Oganisation of Personal Injury

The Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL)

The Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers is a non-profit entity that has, since 1998, promoted legal cooperation and helped share knowledge about the legal, judicial, and personal injury systems in the various European jurisdictions.

Its purpose is to foster cooperation among lawyers, making it easier for consumers or victims to claim damages, so that they may be certain of having access to highly professional services that can help them obtain fair compensation, if necessary in court.

BCV LEX’s participation in this association, which brings together 550 members from 27 countries, stems from our interest in taking part in the increasingly globalized nature of personal injury matters.

More information: Peopil

APIL - American Association of Justice

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, based in Nottingham, with more than 4,300 member lawyers, has over 20 years of experience in fighting for greater access to justice for personal injury victims, promoting legal reform and enhancing the assistance available to victims.

This association also works with all those public and private bodies whose concern is the physical and emotional rehabilitation of people who have been injured.

BCV Lex is a member of this non-profit organization, which stands at the sides of victims and advocates the values of fairness, honesty, and integrity, the cornerstones of its activities.

More information: APIL

AAJ american-association-for-justice

The American Association for Justice (AAJ)

The American Association for Justice, the leading organization of American personal injury lawyers, has been working to strengthen the system of civil rights in the United States and to buttress the rights of consumers and victims for over 65 years.

Liability in cases of medical negligence, the rights of consumers of faulty products (manufactured nationally or imported from abroad), occupational risks and accidents, etc., also fall within the purview of this area of specialization and makes available a large group of multidisciplinary professionals and experts. BCV Lex is an active member in the sections of International and Aviation Law.

More information: American Association for Justice

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