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Spanish lawyers in France

Spanish lawyers
in France

Do you need legal advice to make a claim or request a claim in France?
Our team of Spanish lawyers in France are trained to help you manage cross-border cases, as well as resolve legal procedures in various areas in France. We advise you in Spanish and French!

If you need a Spanish law firm in France, we invite you to consult our services and contact us. We will study your case, free of charge and without obligation.


We are closer than you imagine: we have main offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. It is now much easier to meet your interests and needs in person.


We have been providing customized solutions for more than 30 years in more than 15 areas of law that today are part of our most demanded services.


We develop our functions under strict values, among which ethics, commitment, and transparency stand out; always ready to handle your case successfully.

Solutions juridiques
sur le droit espagnol

Nous sommes des avocats français en Espagne et nous avons une vaste expérience de 30 ans en droit espagnol ; défendre les intérêts de nos clients en Espagne et en France.

Grâce à notre connaissance et notre expérience des législations espagnole et française , nous sommes en mesure d’agir devant les juridictions des deux pays avec la même efficacité et le même professionnalisme.

International Lawyers

We are experts in International Law and Civil Liability with more than 30 years of experience defending the interests of our clients in Spain and France.

  • We provide advice in 15 legal areas of practice.
  • We are part of the Global Justice Network.
  • We work with international lawyers in more than 35 countries.
  • Accredited by the Consulate General of Spain in Bordeaux.
  • Accredited by the Consulate General of France in Madrid
  • We offer personalized attention in French, Spanish, and English.
  • Our firm is made up of native lawyers from France and Spain.
  • We have offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. We are close to you!

Legal Area

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in French and Spanish law, we can act in the jurisdictions of both countries with the same effectiveness and professionalism.

Airplane accidents

Legal proceedings related to air accidents.

Tourist accidents

Specialized in defense of victims of tourist accidents.

International inheritance

Full management and resolution of any type of inheritance.

abogado transporte personas

People transport

Victims of land, maritime, or railway accidents.

abogado litigios internacionales

International litigation

Management of transnational disputes between Spain and France.

International criminal law

Transnational matters or disputes between Spain and France.

Contact us

At BCVLex, we are willing to evaluate your case for free to help you find a solution as quickly as possible.


Madrid Office:
C/ Velázquez 34, planta 6, oficina 601, 28001 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 577 6368

Barcelona Office:
C/ Roger de Llúria 84, Pral 08009 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 100 53 17

Bordeaux Office:
2 Rue des Trois Conils 33000 Bordeaux
Tel: +33 (0) 5 57 01 36 36

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