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Areas of Expertise

We are lawyers specializing in the representation of victims

BCV Abogados is a law firm specializing in representing plane crash, maritime disaster, and land accident victims. Also, dealing with claims for defective products and medical malpractice, as well as mass catastrophes and international civil liability.

Plane crash accidents, train accidents, and maritime disasters

The technical and legal exceptionality and complexity of trials resulting from transportation accidents, plane crashes as well as train accidents or maritime disasters that usually have a strong social impact, need specialized assessment and representation in the matter.

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Mass Catastrophes

We represent the people affected by domestic or international mass catastrophes, being the cause directly or indirectly related to human intervention. Fires, earthquakes, work-related accidents. We represent victims against big corporations.

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Defective Products

Manufacturers are to design and manufacture safe products that cause no harm to users. However, there are times when products injure or are the cause of death of people who were directly or indirectly using these products.

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Medical Malpractice

There is medical negligence when a health professional harms a patient (by medical action or omission), neglecting to comply with the rules and regulations established for the profession.

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