Cross-border disputes between Cyprus and Spain

Cross-border disputes between Cyprus and Spain


Relations between Cyprus and Spain have experienced significant evolution over the years, reflecting the global interconnection, the dynamics of the European Union and the excellent harmony between both countries. Cross-border litigation or legal claims frequently arise involving the jurisdictions of Cyprus and Spain in relation to commercial relationships and transactions between companies and individuals as well as, a result of individuals who suffer accidents, injuries and related losses in one of these destinations.


Cross-border disputes about imports and exports of merchandise

Both countries share a membership in the EU, which has provided a structural framework for their economic and trade cooperation.

In the commercial sphere, relations between Cyprus and Spain have been marked by a constant exchange of goods and services, facilitated by access to a common market with free movement of goods and people.

The flow of imports and exports of goods have contributed to the economic development of both countries, and Spain is among one of the top ten suppliers to Cyprus, mainly importing fuels, oils, boats, vehicles, machinery, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Such cross-border collaborations, involving the import or export of goods between Cyprus and Spain, or the provision of services between companies or individuals frequently result in conflicts involving matters of civil liability, contractual breaches, defective or late services or products or deliveries or debt recovery or execution and enforcement of judgments.

Legal advice necessary in case of tourism accident

Tourism has been another key sector in the economic relations between Cyprus and Spain. Both countries constitute attractive tourist destinations in terms of history, culture, climate, landscapes, and gastronomy.

A significant number of Spaniards visit Cyprus every year, and vice versa, Spain is a very popular destination for Cypriot tourists.

This tourist interaction has contributed to the economic growth of both countries, but it has also resulted in a number of claims as a result of accidents occurring and injuries sustained by individuals whilst abroad. In such cases it is essential to have the expert advice of a lawyer in the country of residence of the injured individual, who has the suitable contacts for collaborating with a lawyer at the place of the accident, in order to be able to offer a full service to the client who has suffered an accident abroad either during a vacation or a work accident in that other jurisdiction.

Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments and other bilateral treaties

 In the event of contentious matters that end up in litigation and arbitration, it is important for the Clients to know whether they can enforce the obtained judgment in a foreign jurisdiction. Cyprus and Spain, both being members of the EU, offer the litigants the security to easily enforce and execute judgments in the respective jurisdiction through the framework of the European Union. Therefore, it is important to have in place the correct connections in that jurisdiction to enable easy access to the Client to a locally qualified lawyer who can advise on processes and procedures for the efficient and effective recognition and enforcement of a foreign judgment.

 Further, to the relationship created by their joint membership of the EU, Cyprus and Spain have signed between them several bilateral treaties, to further assist on the development of economic relations between the two countries, including a Double Taxation Bilateral Treaty.

The need for expert and bilingual legal advice

In summary, the close economic relations between Cyprus and Spain, may give rise to cross-border litigation involving both companies in commercial relations, and individuals who suffer serious injury or work accidents in one of these countries.


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