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Expert lawyers in International Product Liability Law

Have you suffered the consequences of using a defective product and need legal advice on the viability of your claim for compensation?

BCVLex claims liability for damage caused by products, both as a result of defective design as well as manufacturing defects or on the instruction sheet.

Our job is to bring the relevant actions of responsibility for defective product against manufacturers, distributors or any entity involved in the manufacturing of the affected item, thanks to a technical analysis and a careful and diligent legal strategy that often involves acting in foreign jurisdictions.

International Product Liability Lawyers



We are closer than you imagine: we have main offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. It is now much easier to meet your interests and needs in person.



We have been providing customized solutions for more than 30 years in more than 15 areas of law that today are part of our most demanded services.



We develop our functions under strict values, among which ethics, commitment, and transparency stand out; always ready to handle your case successfully.

Legal advice: International Product Liability Lawyers

Medical devices (such as implants, prostheses, vaginal meshes, etc.), industrial products (machinery, vehicles, technological devices, etc.) can cause serious harm to people and must be subject to liability.

Indeed, manufacturers have a legal obligation to design and manufacture safe products, preventing them from having harmful effects on users and consumers. Generally, a product is considered defective when it does not have the level of safety that can legitimately be expected from it, causing personal or financial damage.

  • We provide advice in 15 legal areas of practice.
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  • We have main offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. We are close to you!

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    Alicia Hernandez
    Excelentes abogados. Este despacho me llevó un caso internacional, la reclamación con una empresa de alquiler de coches en Marruecos y lo manejaron de manera rápida, eficiente y con un trato cercano al cliente que agradecí mucho. Gracias por la solución favorable, siempre los recomendaré.

    Expert lawyers in claiming defective products

    The lawyers specialized in claims for defective products are highly trained professionals who play a crucial role in the protection of consumer rights and the search for justice for those users who have been affected by the acquisition of defective products. Our legal experts work tirelessly to ensure that people harmed by the negligence of manufacturers, distributors or sellers receive the compensation they deserve.

    Our dedication and legal knowledge allows us to guide clients through the complex legal system and provide strong and effective representation in both individual litigation and class actions. By working closely with our clients, our attorneys fully understand the scope of their damages and carefully assess the physical, emotional, and financial impact the defective product has caused on their lives.

    Our attorneys are knowledgeable about product safety laws and regulations and have solid experience investigating the root cause of the defect in question. Whether it’s a problem with manufacturing, design, or a lack of proper warnings, these professionals diligently pursue all the evidence necessary to support their clients’ claims.

    In the litigation process, our defective product claim attorneys face powerful corporate interests and well-trained legal teams. Undaunted, however, they use their legal cunning to meet each challenge and ensure that their clients are fairly compensated for the suffering and losses they have endured.

    Beyond the courtroom, our attorneys work hard to raise awareness of the dangers of defective products and advocate for changes in the law to better protect consumers in the future. Our commitment to justice and the security of society is a constant motivation in its fight for a fairer and safer world.

    Functions of a lawyer for the claim of defective products

    The duties of a product defect claims attorney are varied and essential to providing effective representation to affected clients. Some of its main functions include:

    Legal advice on claiming defective products

    Defective product lawyers advise clients of their rights and available legal options if they have been harmed by a defective product. They explain the claims process, the timeframes involved, and the possible compensation you could get.

    Case investigation

    Attorneys conduct extensive investigations to determine the nature and cause of the product defect. They gather evidence, analyze technical reports and consult experts to establish a solid basis for the claim.

    Identification of responsibilities for defective products

    They determine who is responsible for the defective product, which can include the manufacturer, distributor, vendor or even third parties involved in the supply chain. Establishing liability is key to properly directing the claim.

    Assessment of damage caused by defective products

    They assess the damage suffered by the customer due to the defective product. This can include physical, emotional, financial, and any loss of income or quality of life that may have resulted from the incident.

    Presentation of compensation claims for defective products

    Prepare and file legal claims with responsible parties or their insurers. This involves writing demand letters, negotiating with the parties involved, and seeking an amicable solution if possible.

    Representation in disputes

    If the claim is not resolved through negotiations, attorneys represent their clients in litigation before the courts. They present evidence, argue on behalf of their clients and defend their rights in the judicial process.

    Coordination of class actions

    In cases where multiple people have been affected by the same defective product, attorneys can coordinate class action lawsuits, allowing those affected to come together to strengthen their position and increase the pressure on the defendant.

    Negotiations and agreements

    They seek to settle out of court on behalf of their clients whenever possible. This may involve negotiations with the responsible parties or participating in mediations to reach a mutually satisfactory solution.

    Promoting changes in policies and regulations

    Some defective product lawyers are also engaged in promoting policy and regulatory changes to improve consumer safety and reduce the incidence of defective products in the marketplace.

    Taken together, these roles enable defective product attorneys to defend the rights of affected consumers, seek justice for their clients, and contribute to safety and accountability in the industry.

    The importance of having expert lawyers in claiming defective products

    Having an expert lawyer for claiming defective products is of vital importance to protect the rights and safety of consumers in a society where the market is flooded with various products. Our dedicated attorneys are tireless advocates for those who have been harmed by defective products and play an essential role in seeking justice and compensation for those affected.

    Here are some fundamental reasons that highlight the importance of having an expert lawyer in this field:

    • Special Knowledge: Expert product claim attorneys have in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the laws and regulations that protect consumers in dangerous product cases. Through their experience and training, they are familiar with the specific legal procedures that apply to these types of cases and can skillfully navigate the complex court system.
    • Proper Case Assessment: These lawyers can properly assess the extent of the damage suffered by the client due to the defective product. They understand the importance of considering not only the physical harm, but also the emotional and financial harm that may have affected the quality of life of the affected person.
    • Thorough Investigation: Experienced product defect claim attorneys conduct thorough investigations to determine the root cause of the defect. This involves identifying responsible parties, gathering solid evidence, and consulting with technical experts to strengthen the client’s position.
    • Effective Negotiations: These attorneys are prepared to negotiate with manufacturers, distributors or vendors and their insurers. They have persuasive skills and know the strategies to reach fair and reasonable settlements that adequately compensate their clients.
    • Representation in litigation: In the event that negotiations do not reach a satisfactory solution, experienced attorneys are trained to represent their clients in litigation. They are prepared to defend your rights in court and present strong arguments and compelling evidence to support the claim.
    • Guidance and Support: These attorneys provide guidance and support throughout the claims process. They stay in constant communication with their clients, explain the development of the case and respond to their concerns, which provides peace of mind and confidence in difficult times.
    • Contribution to consumer safety: By pursuing claims and litigation against negligent manufacturers, these attorneys contribute to improving consumer safety. Their work helps hold companies accountable for the quality of their products and encourages safer practices in production and marketing.

    In conclusion, having an expert product claim law firm is essential to protect the rights of consumers and seek justice for those who have suffered damages due to unsafe products. Our specialized knowledge, legal skills, and commitment to consumer safety make us valuable partners for those who need assistance with defective product claims.