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Professional International Lawyers, Genealogists & Notaries

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Professional International Lawyers, Genealogists & Notaries

Are you a legal professional and do you need the assistance of a law firm specialized in international law?

BCVLex is based in France and Spain, with an excellent team of leading international lawyers with extensive experience in this field. This allows us to collaborate with other legal professionals to successfully handle cross-border matters, mainly between France, Spain and the UK. The transnational nature of our lawyers enables us to deal effectively with all types of international matters.

International Mediation & Arbitration lawyers



We are closer than you imagine: we have main offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. It is now much easier to meet your interests and needs in person.



We have been providing customized solutions for more than 30 years in more than 15 areas of law that today are part of our most demanded services.



We develop our functions under strict values, among which ethics, commitment, and transparency stand out; always ready to handle your case successfully.

Legal advice: Legal Advice Professional International Lawyers, Genealogists & Notaries


We receive numerous requests from foreign lawyers who need our assistance in matters related to accident claims. For example, personal injury claims in cases of tourist accidents suffered by their clients during a stay in our territory while on holiday. We also take care of any claims in case of air, land or sea accidents. For this purpose, we have a team of lawyers who are experts in civil liability claims. This allows us to advise foreign professionals on issues of jurisdiction or on the law that will be applicable to the case in question. For this purpose, we draw up numerous certificates of law.


We also cooperate with foreign genealogists and notaries.

Genealogists are professionals who are dedicated to knowing and discovering the origin and provenance of families. We offer them a service in which we contact the heirs of deceased persons, and we also advise them on the inheritance system in the country in which they are to inherit.

These professionals request our assistance in transnational inheritances, as there are numerous cases of French clients with property in Spain and vice versa. To this end, we have a team specialised in international inheritance that provides services to foreign professionals who need advice from lawyers who are experts in international law as well as in Spanish and/or French law.

We collaborate in the preparation of powers of attorney or before the Spanish consulate of the client’s country of residence; European inheritance certificates; deeds of acceptance, partition and liquidation of inheritances; donations, etc. We also advise and manage the filing of capital gains and inheritance taxes, register the real estate in the Land Registry, liquidate bank accounts, investment funds or other shares resulting from the inheritance and advise on the purchase and sale of real estate.

If you need the collaboration of a law firm specialized in international law as a professional, the BCVLex team invites you to contact us. We will study the case, in order to provide you with direct solutions in the field or specialty you need, as well as providing protection and representation for your client abroad.

  • We provide advice in 15 legal areas of practice.
  • We are part of the Global Justice Network.
  • We work with international lawyers in more than 35 countries.
  • Accredited by the Consulate General of Spain in Bordeaux.
  • Accredited by the Consulate General of France in Madrid.
  • We offer personalized attention in French, Spanish, and English.
  • Our firm is made up of native lawyers from France and Spain.
  • We have main offices in Madrid and Bordeaux and have offices in Paris and Barcelona at your disposal. We are close to you!

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At BCVLex, we are willing to evaluate your case for free to help you find a solution as quickly as possible.


Madrid Office:
C/ Velázquez 34, planta 6, oficina 601, 28001 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 577 6368

Barcelona Office:
C/ Roger de Llúria 84, Pral 08009 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 100 53 17

Bordeaux Office:
2 Rue des Trois Conils 33000 Bordeaux
Tel: +33 (0) 5 57 01 36 36

    Customer reviews

    sabine Libessart De Clerck
    sabine Libessart De Clerck
    Nous avons travaillé avec ce cabinet d’avocat en Sept/Octobre 2022 pour nous accompagner dans la procédure d’achat d’un bien immobilier à MADRID. Ils ont été à l’écoute de nos besoins, très réactifs et trés efficaces dans les démarches de vérification légales et de conseils juridiques. Le tout avec des honoraires raisonnables. Nous recommandons vivement .
    Julie Wisner
    Julie Wisner
    Great firm to work with!
    Roger Paddeu
    Roger Paddeu
    Cabinet très performant très à l'écoute la compétence est au rdv.
    Gérard MAZOYER
    Gérard MAZOYER
    Notre voiture ayant été enlevée par la fourrière malgré le paiement du stationnement à Barcelone, j'avais effectué une réclamation au service compétent de la mairie de la ville. Ayant eu connaissance du cabinet BCV Lex, je leur ai fait parvenir copie de ma réclamation. Le cabinet de Madrid m'a donc fait parvenir une correction de la rédaction de ma lettre dans la présentation des faits mais aussi en incluant des éléments juridiques qui ont été pris en considération dans la décision du service de réclamation des amendes de Barcelone. Je suis d'autant reconnaissant à BCV Lex que mon cas n'était pas d'une importance ni d'une gravité qui puissent inviter à pousser la porte d'un avocat. Malgré cela M. Bellecave et Mme Abellan Solesio ont eu l'amabilité de me conseiller et de me donner une leçon d'espagnol en plus! Ayant appris que BCV Lex travaillait pour le consulat français en Espagne je ne peux qu'encourager tout visiteur à les contacter en cas de problème.
    Liam Moloney
    Liam Moloney
    I have worked with BCV Lex for many years and they are always very helpful with Prompt advice . They fight hard for their clients .
    Muy satisfecha con el servicio prestado por los abogados del despacho. Profesionalidad y cercanía. Muchas gracias!
    Grandes profesionales expertos en internacional. Atención personalizada y trato muy cercano.
    Alicia Hernandez
    Alicia Hernandez
    Excelentes abogados. Este despacho me llevó un caso internacional, la reclamación con una empresa de alquiler de coches en Marruecos y lo manejaron de manera rápida, eficiente y con un trato cercano al cliente que agradecí mucho. Gracias por la solución favorable, siempre los recomendaré.