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Compensation of €6,000 for a fall in the supermarket

BCVLex is pleased to have obtained compensation of €6,000 for a fall in the supermarket. After slipping on a grape in the produce section of the supermarket, our client had been immobilized for several weeks.
The facts


Accidents don’t always happen far from home. One of our clients had the displeasure of understanding it, after falling in her trusted supermarket. The reason for the fall? A grape that had not been picked by the cleaning staff.

Immediately, the victim requested an accident report from the person in charge of the store, in addition to taking several photographs of the place where the events occurred, where more grapes were found on the ground. Then, faced with the pain experienced in various parts of her body, she went to the nearest hospital, where she spent several hours waiting for tests to be carried out, which pointed to a broken bone in her hand.

The following weeks were marked by other tests and medical visits, in addition to physiotherapy sessions, while the patient was still on sick leave, as her wrist was immobilized.

Given this, our office began with the corresponding steps, quickly requesting the images recorded by the establishment’s video surveillance system, and contacting its insurance.

After weeks of negotiations, the latter agreed to compensate our client for the damages caused by the fall, in accordance with the scale in force.


What are my rights?


In the event of this type of falls, it should be noted that the owner of the establishment is responsible for the damages produced in it, generally through the civil liability insurance contracted in a mandatory manner. The amount of the compensation usually depends on the seriousness of the injuries suffered and their consolidation time, being especially important to justify the days of sick leave or any other amount applicable to the loss of earnings, that is, to the economic loss generated by the damage. .

Over the last few years, a series of rulings have made clear the importance of certain security measures aimed at protecting users of this type of facility, opening a claim path for more and more victims.


React in time: the key to any claim


The record time with which our office was able to obtain compensation for the damages suffered, after the consolidation of the victim’s condition, is due to the reactivity of our client, who immediately contacted our team of experts.


Thanks to this, he was able to collect all the evidence that proved the responsibility of the supermarket:


  • Video surveillance images
  • Photographs of the place where the events occurred.
  • Accident report signed by the company
  • Medical reports and documentation
  • Expenses generated due to the accident (transportation, pharmacy receipts, etc.)


Despite this, the intervention of our office was necessary to guarantee respect for the victim’s rights, obtaining greater compensation than the one that, at first, had been proposed by the opposing party.


Over the years, BCVLex has specialized in defending accident victims. If you have suffered a fall or slip in a private establishment open to the public, such as a supermarket or any type of store, hotel, restaurant, etc., do not hesitate to contact our firm. We analyze your case for free.