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Defective products

BCV Lex claims liability for damage caused by products, both as a result of defective design as well as manufacturing defects or on the instruction sheet.

Medical devices (such as implants, prostheses, vaginal meshes, etc.), industrial products (machinery, vehicles, technological devices, etc.) can cause serious harm to people and must be subject to liability.

Indeed, manufacturers have a legal obligation to design and manufacture safe products, preventing them from having harmful effects on users and consumers. Generally, a product is considered defective when it does not have the level of safety that can legitimately be expected from it, causing personal or financial damage.

Our job is to bring the relevant actions of responsibility for defective product against manufacturers, distributors or any entity involved in the manufacturing of the affected item, with the help of a technical analysis and a careful and diligent legal strategy that often involves acting in foreign jurisdictions.

Our firm is a member of various international networks of expert lawyers in the field; PEOPIL (Pan European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers), APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and AAJ (American Association for Justice), which allows us to have the necessary connections in any jurisdiction.

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