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Injuries outside the US

Injuries outside the US

Injuries outside the US

American citizens who suffer personal injury while traveling abroad by plane or boat or on international trips generally can claim compensation in the US for the injuries sustained abroad. Where the victim has died, family members are entitled to claim the damages suffered personally by the victim.

We are skilled  at international claims

Walker, Hamilton, Koenig, & Burbridge, LLP has broad experience in aviation and boat-related cases as well as other types of accident that have taken place abroad, and it has the knowledge to be able to determine whether a claim is viable in the US instead of in a foreign jurisdiction.


Some examples of cases:

  • A traveler from Nevada was injured while changing flights at Nuremberg airport in Germany.
  • A couple on holiday in Spain suffered a traffic accident while riding in a taxi cab that collided with another vehicle driven by a foreign citizen without proper car insurance.
  • An American citizen fell down the stairs in a hotel in England.

Referrals of foreign lawyers

When we are not able to ensure jurisdiction for a claim in the US, we may be able to help by finding a lawyer in another international jurisdiction, especially Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.