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Public transport accidents are mostly the outcome of a series of malfunctions or failures and are rarely triggered by a single cause. Each of these failures, be they human, mechanical, or systemic, may involve the liability of various parties, and responsibility for each victim will depend on the ticket purchased. Where to bring a legal action is one of the most important factors in achieving fair conditions of trial and the highest possible compensation.

Our offices in Madrid and Bordeaux, as part of an extensive international network of cooperating law firms, allow us to choose the most convenient venue and applicable law for each case. Our expertise knows no geographical boundaries: we represent victims all around the world.

A solid technical footing

Representing the victims of mass transportation accidents requires lawyers with deep technical knowledge with a view to identifying the types of investigations and experts necessary to help find the causes of the accident. We make use of this knowledge when facing airlines and insurance companies, which, from their position of power and taking advantage of the families’ vulnerability, often seek to avoid litigation by offering lower compensation than what the victims are entitled to.

Our vast experience in these types of disasters has brought us expert knowledge as to how airlines, maritime, and land transportation (train and bus) companies are managed and how they operate, and we put this to work on behalf of the victims and their families. We know where an investigation is heading, and we cannot be misled.


Always side by side with victims

Aircraft, ships, and train manufacturers make billions of Euros every year. Insurance companies are members of large financial groups. We confront extremely powerful companies. The relationship between a victim’s family and the parties who bear liability is completely disproportionate.

Our Law Firm’s mission is independence and discipline in defending the weak, who have lost part of their lives. It is how we understand law. Always side by side with the victim.